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Paris For Sale!
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Studio - Rue Mouffetard - Latin Quarter

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Architect modern style

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3 Bed Apartment

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2 Bed Apartment - Butte aux Cailles

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Apartment Rue Cler Paris Near Eiffel Tower

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Art Deco House near Paris

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1 Bed Apartment

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Small Apartment - Saint Dominique

What we do at Beaman & Jones...

  • We have one of the fastest expanding property listings in Paris.

  • We act as agents for English speaking clients like yourself who want to buy apartments for sale in Paris or elsewhere in France for your own personal use or for investment.

  • We work with the French property, banking and government sectors: private sellers and realtors of French and Parisian apartments and properties; banks who can loan you money in Euros to buy the Paris apartment of your dreams and lawyers and notaires who oversee the French property purchasing process.

  • We project manage renovations throughout Paris from studios to luxury apartments to whole buildings - contact us for further details.

  • And we deal with anyone else who might crop up in the process - we are very proud of our record of acting, sometimes very firmly indeed, as advocates for our client's interests in the rough and tumble of the French real estate market. Leave no buyer behind is our motto!

  • So we make the whole process simple for you, whatever kind of Parisian or French apartment or property you want to buy.

We specialise in the following investment types:

  • Paris apartment purchases - from property search and assessment to final legals and purchase

  • Rental of Parisian apartments for long term capital growth

  • Investment apartments and properties for renovation - estimates for work required and likely costs.

  • Euro financing at well below current US$ and Sterling interest rates through our partner banks

What don't we do?

  • Sell lease-backs - we think they are overly complex, misleading and a potential legal and taxation minefield for the foreign investor

  • Work for estate agents - we get no commission from agents for the properties listed on our site or if an apartment or property is sold. You pay us, so we work exclusively for you... Which, naming no names, is not always the case with our competitors.

  • Try to sell you something that isn't worth it - that would just be bad for business.

  • Leave you up the Seine, Mississippi, Liffey, Thames, Billabong, or wherever without a paddle or a phrasebook.

What does this mean for you, the buyer?

  • Quick and efficient access to a French property market currently appreciating at 12% per annum.

So how much is this going to cost?

  • From 2.0 to 4.9% of the purchase price depending on property value and price negotiations.

  • The hidden charges are that there are none - we get you the keys, the deeds, electricity, water, gas, and telephone connected, all for the one fee.

  • Well, OK just one extra: if you want a computer internet connection setting up, that's more!

OK, I'm in. What do I do?...

Just click here to sign up for our free advisory service
and own a piece of the French Life!

Or just Contact Us by email or telephone and we'll be happy to talk further...

Because your very own apartment in Paris is closer than you think!

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